Bio + Artist Statement



Jacki Oh


Jacki Oh is an artist and musician from central Illinois. She graduated with a BA in Studio Art from Arizona State University and has been working in multi-media art and performance since 2004.

She’s been featured in the Phoenix New Times culture section as well as the group show “Man As Object: Reversing the Gaze” alongside artists such as The Guerrilla Girls, Sylvia Sleigh and Annie Sprinkle.

Oh currently plays drums in the band Afroknife and has performed with Of Montreal and been featured on

Artist Statement

I like to tell stories about myself in order to find the humor in the direst of circumstances. I want my work to become a site for discourse on the idea of the joke and the irony of the hyper-hypocritical world in which we live where nothing is mysterious and everything is available for consumption.

I hope to explore the idea that guilt and pleasure and humor cannot exist without their counterparts. And that the absurd is just as relevant and equally important to our world as the reasonable. The images become ruminations about gratification, suffering and the difficult hilarity of being.



 Selected Works

self portrait 2012 | 2012 | ink on cardboard | print available