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you’re so radical

I’ve been working a for a few years for this really great company in Phoenix. I started as a file clerk while in college, but my boss took a liking to me and offered me a full-time position in the company after I graduated with a very nice salary.

So I recently bit the bullet and put my life savings into a very cute pre-WWIl cottage bungalow in a safe, picturesque, historic neighborhood downtown, a short walk from my office. The house has been remodeled beautifully with a new kitchen and bathrooms with chrome fixtures and a clawfoot bathtub! The hardwood floors are original, as are the steel casing windows with the old original glass. It also has a working wood fireplace ……

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Working Artist Magazine

May 2021 Issue

Working Artist is an independent, printed art magazine created by creatives for creatives. Our aim is to make a statement and support other artists by presenting their artworks.of

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Modest Proposal

2020 Anthology

Like a comedic time capsule buried in an era before the emergence of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, podcasts, and Netflix Comedy Specials, Modest Proposal Anthology captures stand up comedy the way it was…before a well-timed tweet could take a joke viral…..

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Man As Object:

Reversing the Gaze

The exhibit, which opens November 4 in San Francisco’s SOMArts Cultural Center, reveals sundry masculinities from female/feminist/transgender perspectives, moving from sensuous rear views of the male buttocks to gender-bending forms to daughters gazing at fathers. Featured artists include Juana Alicia, Nancy Buchanan, Guerrilla Girls,, Lynn Hershman, Jill O’Bryan, ORLAN, Carolee Schneemann, Sylvia Sleigh, Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, May Wilson and Melissa P. Wolf…..

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Best of Phoenix 2012 Winner

Best Locals to Follow on Twitter

The group of ladies responsible for PoolBoy Magazine — a local hipster porn rag — joined forces as “cuntributors” in 2009 to create “an independent adult lifestyle magazine for badass women,” and though they haven’t printed an edition in a year or so, they’ve kept us plenty satisfied through their blog and Twitter feed….

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Other Press:

Best Album Covers 2013

Share by Cherie Cherie

As a group of folks who spend their days writing about music, we have an extra appreciation for folks who create visual art to accompany music. Today we’d like to share our favorite album covers from 2013…

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Teabag Jacket Fashion

“Jacki Orr’s Teabag Jacket and Grandma Fashion”, Benjamin Leatherman, The Phoenix New Times; July 21, 2011.

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A Conversation With the Artist


“Jacki Orr: A Conversation with the Artist”, Steve Jansen, The Phoenix New Times; September 3, 2010.

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